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Reviews from our customer placed on Yelp, Google and Angie's List!

Five Stars

5 STARS - Allie L. - Budd Lake, NJ

This body shop was the most professional body shop that I have ever been to. The staff was absolutely amazing. They we so kind and courteous and even washed and vacuumed my car. That might not sound like much, but what they had to do to get my car cleaned was more than what their job entailed. (I have 3 little children that have lest their marks all over the insides of my minivan). The repair only took one day and they provided a rental to me right at the shop so that I didn't have to drag the kids anywhere to get it. I would recommend them to everyone.

4 STARS - Dave W. - Jackson, NJ
Nobody wants to have an accident just to make use of a body shop but, if you need a good one then this is the spot for you. The estimate process was seamless and all the information had been transmitted to my insurance by the time I arrived home. They ordered the parts and called me when they arrived so that I could schedule the repairs and rental car.
Estimate was 4 days, actual was 4 days and the car was looking great when I picked it up. their work is guaranteed and I will use them in the future, but I'm hoping it isn't anytime soon.

5 STARS - Neal C. - Brick Township, NJ
I've used Denville twice in the last three years for accident claims from Progressive - once when a drunk driver on a motorcycle rear-ended me, and again when a sedan rear-ended me.
Denville was a pleasure to work with each time.  The estimates were accurate, they called when they said they would, and were easy to work with when I needed to reschedule picking up my car. They also have great communication with Progressive.
They do quality work too - the paint and body work are blended in seamlessly.  It's only noticeable because they are bright white against the rest of my car's 12-year-old paint, but that's not Denville's fault.
I hope I don't have to use them again, but if I do, I'll gladly come back.

Straight A's

Both times I worked with Denville Bear they were efficient, professional and fair.  The first time was after a collision with a Metro bus in the Bronx.  This was an insurance claim.  The second time was for a smaller dent that was inflicted on my vehicle while it was parked at the Newark airport.  This was an out of pocket repair. 
The staff at Denville Bear could not be nicer or more helpful.  The car was complete and ready early both times.  The work was impeccable.  The detail service which I paid extra for was excellent as well.  Best of all, they worked with me on the price and I felt like I got a very fair deal.

I am very happy with Denville Bear & Body ( Dover location ). I was worried originally that they will not be able to match the color of my car - it is Blue Water Metallic. However they were able to match it perfectly.  My car looked like it just came out of the dealership. Also, they put OEM parts. Not cheap, but if you have a newer car it is well worth the money. 
Since I was happy with the outcome of the first car, I and my husband decided to bring his car, for service too. His car is an older model Mercedes, in gold color. Again they were able to match the color perfectly. You cannot tell where the damage was. It has been over a year and the paint is as good as new.

Used this establishment as suggested by my auto insurance company. Howie and John were most helpful, took care of all the paperwork with the insurance company. Took the car in within a week of the estimate and completed the job by the promised date. The car was repaired properly, the paint matched and it was impossible to find where the damage had been. It went smoothly, no problems what so ever.
I had never dealt with Denville Bear before and the only reason I went there was to at least get an estimate since the dealership recommended them.  The accident happened on the way to the dealer for the car's 15,000 mile service. (Free with Toyota).  I hoped that the dealer would service the car (still drivable) and then start the body work. I learned that most dealers don’t do bodywork so, I asked them if they had any recommendations and they steered me to Denville Bear. The dealer said that Denville Bear is Toyota Certified and the dealership uses them when needed.   Denville Bear, is about 20-30 mins from my house. I had previously used another body shop that is 1 mile from the house, but, I thought since it was on the way home from the dealer, I would stop by and at least get an estimate. I am glad I did.I stopped in without calling. The gentleman there, Howie, said that he would take a look at the car and give me a written estimate (no charge), and that if I felt like taking it to the shop closer to home no problem. There was no pressure.  He checked the car and supplied me with a detailed written estimate.  He also took the time to explain the what’s and whys of the damage and costs.I asked some questions about the shop and I learned that Howie, was the owner and that it was a family business. They were celebrating their 50th year in business this year. I asked about the particulars, if I did use them, how the insurance, payments, rental cars etc would be handled. He took the time to go over everything in detail. Even offered advise about what to do and look out for even if I didn’t use them to do the repairs.I also asked about the estimated time of repair and of course it would depend upon what was found when the car was stripped down. The estimate was 10 days or 7 business day.  They called in the afternoon on the 10th day. The car was done and ready to go.Denville Bear has a relationship with Enterprise Rental cars where you can pick up and drop off the rental car right from the shop. That made things much easier.So basically, I am very happy with the work they did, the time it took to do it and the way they treated me. The owner is not just a nice guy; he is from what I can see professional, sincere and honest. Qualities that are all too often lacking nowadays. I can see why they have made it 50 years. I wish them many more and highly recommend them!

Five Stars

5 STARS - Nicole F.
My insurance company sent a horrible adjuster out to look at my car. Many things were missed. Frank went out of his way to get all of the items that were missed and even had my car finished in a timely manner, as I did not have rental coverage and was in an accident with an uninsured driver. I am very pleased!! Would recommend to everyone!

5 STARS - Joe E.
I had to get body work done, and I was running around all over the place looking for Auto Body Shops. Let me tell you there are some weird people out there. My insurance company suggested Bear and Body of Andover. The main requirement for me, other than good body work, was that I needed the car back within a 1 1/2 weeks.
They were able to meet my tight dead line, keep me posted of repairs, and the job looks great. I would definitely use Bear and Body of Andover again.

5 STARS - Tom D.
I just picked up my 2013 Impreza from Denville Bear & Body in Andover and I am nothing but impressed with my car. The body gap is perfect on the front of the car you would only know the car was in an accident if you saw the car fax. The paint blend is perfect on the car as well I can only assume that the other reviewers are way to picky or improperly waxed their car after it was completed. Bear & Body also took it to the next level for me and did a full detail on my car at not cost to me. I am nothing but happy with this service.

I'm so impressed with the service at Denville Bear & Body (Andover, NJ Location) that I thought it deserved a review.
A few days ago I discovered someone thought it would be fun to use their key to leave a long deep scratch down the front and rear passenger doors of my brand new car (I'll never understand some people...) Being my first new car, I take a lot of pride in it and always take great care of it. You can imagine how upset I was when I discovered this.
I dropped my car off on a Monday night (just a day after contacting my insurance company,) and they started work on it the next day. Now it's Friday and I already have my vehicle back! I was really worried the paint wouldn't match the rest of the car, let me tell you... I had nothing to worry about!
Denville Bear & Body absolutely went above and beyond the level of service I was expecting. Not only does my car look as through it was never damaged, but they went a step further by washing it, waxing it, and completely cleaning the inside (they actually shampooed the upholstery!)
Getting my car back looking fresh off the lot made me feel a lot better, as it was bothering me a lot ever since it happened. Now I can finally stop thinking about it and let the anger go away =) I feel I got WAY more then my moneys worth on this one!
I would take my car here again any day (hoping I wont have to though!) and I'd definitely recommend it to friends and family as well.
Thank you to Denville Bear & Body and all the people who worked to bring my car back to its original state! You can absolutely trust these people with your vehicle.